Matte Black Measuring Cups and Spoons


This Matte Black Measuring Cups and Spoons set features engraved measurement markings on the handles and tan brown faux leather clasps.
Luxe, high quality 9 piece Measuring Spoon + Cup Set for all your baking & cooking needs!

• BPA free + free from other harmful and toxic chemicals.
• Smooth and non-stick, comfortable grip.
• Brown leather straps keep the cups and spoons neatly nested together.

The ultimate tool for your minimal kitchen goals. Achieve precise amounts of measurements, comfortably and quickly, while taking your kitchen aesthetics to the next level.

Designed for measuring dry, liquid, thick or solid ingredients.

Get the perfect recipe, every time!

For cooks, chefs, bakers, aspiring child bakers or the occasional experimentalist. 😉

Quantity: 9 pieces / set
Colour: Matte Black
Material: Stainless steel
Size (approx.) :
Cup1: 1/4 CUP
Cup2: 1/3 CUP
Cup3: 1/2 CUP
Cup4: 1 CUP
Spoon1: 1/4TSP
Spoon2: 1/2TSP
Spoon3: 1TSP
Spoon4: 1/2 TBSP
Spoon5: 1 TBSP

Full set weighs 500g.

*Dishwasher safe but would recommend minimising contact with harsh chemicals & washing by hand and drying straight away with a soft cloth to extend its wear.*

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